Committee and Sub-Committee

Vikas Khanduja


Marcus Bankes

Past Chair

Meet the Chair

Mr Vikas Khanduja is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge with a special interest in treating young adults with hip and knee pathology. He has been instrumental in setting up the tertiary referral service for Young Adult Hip Surgery in Cambridge.

He is a keen researcher and has published and lectured extensively. Complementing his clinical practice, his research interests centre around precision surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement and the effect of surgical intervention on the outcome of this condition. He is also the Research Lead for Clinical Trials in Elective Orthopaedics in Cambridge.

Mr. Khanduja is the recipient of the prestigious American and British Hip Society Fellowship in 2011, the Arnott Medal presented by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2013 and the Insall Fellowship presented by the American Knee Society and Insall Foundation in 2014.

He is an enthusiastic educator and convenes the Cambridge Basic Science Course & the Cambridge ESSKA Hip Arthroscopy Course annually. He is on SICOT Executive Board as the Programme Chair for the SICOT Annual meetings and on BHS Executive Board as the Chair of the Non Arthroplasty Hip Registry. He is also the Associate Editor to the Bone and Joint Journal formerly the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Br).

Past Chair

Marcus chaired the User Group from its inception in 2012 until 2017. Marcus was an early adopter of the NAHR as he found it an empowering method to monitor the outcomes not only of individual patients but also of his whole non-arthoplasty practice. He recognised the advantages of the whole of his practice being included either on the National Joint Registry or NAHR. He remains an enthusiastic supporter of orthopaedic registries and routine data collection; his advocacy helped overcome surgeons’ reservations about submitting their data to the NAHR. Marcus was responsible for simplifying the data collection process (use of EQ5-D and iHOT-12 only) and ensuring that the data collection form resembled the NJR facilitating use of existing hospital NJR infrastructure. He was also involved in the project by the British Orthopaedic Association to integrate the non-arthroplasty registries from other orthopaedic specialties (TORUS). He was also the first to use NAHR data for a published scientific article.

Members of the NAHR Sub - Committee

Ajay Malviya

Jon Conroy

Tony Andrade

Tim Board

Marcus Bankes

Callum Mcbryde

Matt Wilson

Contributors to the NAHR

Bankes, Marcus
Massraf, Araz
Conroy, Jonathan
George, Marc
Hull, Jonathan
Witt, Johan
Gaston, Paul
Malviya, Ajay
Field, Richard
Andrade, Antonio
Board, Timothy
Wilson, Matthew James
Garrett, Simon
Fehily, Max
Aslam, Mohammed
Rigby, Michael

Bamford, David
Patil, Sanjeev
Langdown, Andy
Sturridge, Seb
Rajpura, Asim
Madan, Sanjeev
McBryde, Callum
Holton, Colin
Wardle, Nicholas
Hollinghurst, David
Hutt , Jonathan
Dodd, Matthew
Gray, Alistair
Cohen, Adam
Datir, Sandeep
Madan II, Sanjeev

Housden, Philip
Brooks, Adam
Bartlett, Gavin
Paliobeis, Christos
Velayudham, Senthilkumar
Haddad, Fares
Clayson, Tony
Odutola, Adekoyejo
Partington, Paul
de Roeck, Nick
Kulkarni, Ashwin
Middleton, Rob
Molloy, Dennis Oliver
Davidson, Alastair
Howell, Jonathan Richard
Wynn Jones, Henry

Whittingham-Jones, Paul
Joseph, Juhu
Fayad, Tony
Villar, Richard
Smoljanovic, Tomislav
Ramachandran, Manoj
Williams , Mark
Hashemi-Nejad, Aresh
Velayudham, Senthil
Newman, Simon
Khan, Tahir
Daivajna, Sachin
Kokkinakis, Michail
Khanduja, Vikas
Pollard, Tom
Stafford, Giles